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Food and Fitness Fundamentals

Sep 16, 09:49 AM

My name is Lori Dodds, and I have been a staff member of The Corvallis Clinic for 20 years as a registered and licensed dietitian. I am excited to introduce a new wellness-related feature discussing various aspects of healthy living for The Corvallis Clinic Website. Using a dietitian’s perspective, I hope to regularly provide useful information on nutrition associated topics.
Subjects will include:

  • Food science
  • Issues related to exercise; and
  • healthy cooking techniques.
    The hope is to offer information useful in leading a healthier lifestyle, while at the same time having fun with food!

To start, I’ll introduce one of the basic elements of nutritional recommendations. Years ago the United States government developed the Food Guide Pyramid which was revised and updated in 2005. The food pyramid idea represents the core concept for developing healthy eating habits and includes the recommendation for physical activity. Any effort to achieve a healthier lifestyle should incorporate the approach represented by this diagram. For more information, including the opportunity to perform personalized dietary analysis, please use the following link:

If you are interested in learning more about healthy eating and good nutrition, contact our Nutrition Services Department at 541-754-1370.

Until next time, here’s to healthy eating!

Lori Dodds, RD, LD, is a Registered Dietitian at The Corvallis Clinic Nutrition Services Department.

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