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Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists are experienced in therapeutic treatment as prescribed by your doctor for people recovering from an injury or surgery, or for relief from a chronic or disabling condition. The Physical Therapy department is equipped with strengthening and aerobic equipment. Rehabilitative treatments are also available.

Therapists evaluate and administer manual therapy directed by a physician and emphasize patient involvement in healing.

Contact: (541) 754-1265


All Physical Therapy providers at The Corvallis Clinic

Lisa K. Ochman, DPT, CLT

Walnut Boulevard

Emily Collins, DPT
Emily Antonishen, DPT

Walnut Boulevard

Michael Gray, DPT, COMT

Walnut Boulevard

Jorden Hinds, DPT

Waverly Drive Albany

Paul E. Jaques, DPT, CSCS

Walnut Boulevard

Seth J. Kaeser, DPT
Seth Kaeser, DPT, CSCS

Walnut Boulevard

Robert Mason, DPT

Walnut Boulevard

Wendy Samuels, MPT

Walnut Boulevard

KC A. Stewart, DPT
KC Stewart, DPT

Walnut Boulevard

Nicholas J. White, DPT

Walnut Boulevard


The Corvallis Clinic Physical Therapy Locations

The Corvallis Clinic at Walnut Boulevard

Corvallis Clinic Walnut Drive Corvallis, Oregon

2350 NW Century Drive, Suite 100
Corvallis, OR 97330


The Corvallis Clinic at Waverly Drive Albany

Corvallis Clinic Albany Family Medicine Alabany, Oregon

1705 Waverly Drive SE
Albany, OR 97322