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Weight Loss Center

If you struggle to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, our team of physicians, nurse practitioners, dietitians, physical therapists, behavioral therapists, pharmacists, and others can help you reach your goal.

Proven Results

Since the program started in 2013, we’ve supported 300 patients as they lost a total of 2,794 pounds. We tracked their results, and here is a look at their success:
Average weight loss at 3 months: 17 pounds
Average weight loss at 6 months: 25.7 pounds
Average weight loss at 9 months: 28.4 pounds
Average weight loss at 12 months: 31.2 pounds

How do we achieve this kind of success?

Your weight-loss provider will do an initial consultation and medical evaluation, then develop a customized plan for you. Follow-up appointments are scheduled to support you achieving your goals. Together we develop a plan for diet, exercise, and other lifestyle or medical issues as needed -and determine if any medication for weight loss should be part of your plan, too.

Nutritional Counseling with A Registered Dietitian.

Every personalized program at The Corvallis Clinic Weight Loss Center features counseling on eating well and making new habits stick. You’ll get tips on foods, menu ideas, and tools to track your progress. You’ll find support to move beyond the patterns that have been keeping you from the weight loss you desire.

Exercise is an Essential Part of Every Plan.

We start by giving every patient a pedometer to track typical daily activity level. We help you develop an exercise program that works for you. If appropriate, your weight-loss provider may refer you to The Corvallis Clinic’s Physical Therapy department.

The Latest In Weight Loss Medications.

When medically appropriate, The Corvallis Clinic physician leading your weight-loss team may prescribe one of the newest FDA-approved medications. Qsymia, which helps patients lose weight by decreasing appetite and making you feel full sooner, is one option. This particular medication is only appropriate for those with no risk (or very low risk) of pregnancy, no active or unstable cardiac disease , and no glaucoma. Another available medication is Belviq, which also helps you manage appetite and lose weight. Ask us whether these medications would be right for you.

Here to support you.

We offer a support group meeting once or twice every month where you can find extra support through practical information and discussion. These meetings will explore some of the ways you can overcome barriers and achieve your goals.

We bill your insurance.

Check with your insurance plan to see if coverage is available for office visits aimed at the treatment of obesity. We know cost can be a barrier, but we try to keep costs down for you, and we are happy to give you a realistic estimate before you start.

If you’d like to join a weight-loss program that works, we are here to help. For more information about our program, call our confidential phone line at 541-766-2180. You may also fill out this form. Yes, I want to learn more.

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Brian Curtis, M.D.

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