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Promoting a Healthy Workplace

Apr 15, 05:12 PM

People spend most of their awake hours on the job. So, the workplace culture has a strong impact on an employee’s health and well being. When employers offer programs to support employee wellness, they report substantial positive results

Here are some other ways to promote a healthy workplace:

  • Encourage employees to be more active each day! Provide support to staff to use scheduled breaks or lunchtime to walk or be physically active.
  • Suggest a “walking meeting” when meeting one-on-one with a staff member or small employee workgroup.
  • Use staff meetings and other regular communication venues, such as bulletin boards and newsletters, to promote ways to improve employee health, safety and fitness.
  • Ensure that healthy food and beverage choices are available for meetings and catered events.
  • Model healthful behaviors. Leadership is the key to an effective worksite wellness program.
  • Offer incentives to employees who are following their doctor’s orders and are maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I welcome hearing about specific programs that have been successful at your workplace.

I like the fact that we practice what we preach here at the clinic.

Since I started working here a year ago, I have seen many fitness programs start up to encourage comrodery, teamwork, and competition among the staff when it comes to their fitness.

We also have programs for our mental health that can be helpful in dealing with specific situations.

There have also been many occasions in which my managers have been pro-active in coming to me to give their help with internal situations. I have felt VERY supported in my employment here! I hope for a long career at The Corvallis Clinic.

Andra Heath Apr 16, 11:44 AM – Leave a comment.

I have tried many times to quit. The longest I had quit for was about 8 months. It’s such a powerful addiction. I WILL succeed; I’m just not sure when. I am planning a new quit date. (This time my boyfriend will quit with me). Good luck to all trying to quit smoking. YOU CAN DO IT!

Tina Sep 14, 06:44 AM – Leave a comment.


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